Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Republican Rep. Virgil Goode Brings Back Old Fashioned Racism (Or did it ever go away?)

Republican Rep. Virgil Goode is reminding us of the good old days back when slaves knew their place, women were best barefoot and pregnant, the Japanese were secure in their internment camps, and those strange, heathen brown fellas who talked funny were watched with a wary eye.

The Congressman recently wrote a letter in defiance of Rep. -elect Keith Ellison's decision to use a Quran (Koran) for his swearing in, saying "that unless immigration is tightened, 'many more Muslims will be elected' and use the Quran to take the oath of office," according to the AP wire. For most clear-headed people it is obvious that Rep. Goode could have easily been wearing a KKK hood or a Hitler mustache when he said this statement, but for those of you who are a little confused by the Christian-religious haze floating around your head, I'll explain further.

1.) While the U.S. religious majority is Christian, this is still a country where religious freedom is upheld by the First Amendment; thus, Rep. Ellison should be able to practice whichever faith he should so choose without any repercussions.

2.) This isn't even the REAL swearing in. It's an unoffical one. The real swearing in, according to a Reuters article, is done as a group with no bibles or books of any kind.

3.) What sense is it to have a non-Christian swear on a bible??? That person doesn't even believe in the bible, so what's the point? It'd be like me trying to swear you in with the Good House Keeping book. It holds no weight unless the person is swearing over something he or she holds your mother's grave and such.

4.) Rep. Ellison is not even an immigrant. Although, I'm sure Rep. Goode doesn't realize that non-whites and non-Christians are actually born in America.

So why hasn't there been a louder outcry against this xenophobic racist jerk? I thought maybe, just maybe, in 2007 things would be better, but here we go again. We've done this over and over throughout our history. First it was the American Indians, then the black slaves, the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, the Catholics, the Japanese, the Mexicans, and now the Muslims. You'd think we would've learned our lesson by now, but I guess ignorance never dies.

Hopefully Rep. Goode will go the way of George Allen.

In closing, I'd like to defer to the C-Ville, Charlottesville's Newsweekly, which said it best:

"Goode Makes Complete Ass of Self"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I really really hate and despise this place. No culture, no diversity...this place is driving me nuts. I'm just biding my time till my sentence is over and I can get the hell out of this place.

At least they had enough sense to put that stupid Rocky statue at the bottom of the museum stairs instead of the top. Stupid city's only claims to fame are Rocky Balboa (the epitome of a blockhead grunt), cheese steaks with cheese whiz, and a cracked bell. Newest addition to the list would be highest number of homicide shootings. When my friends came recently to tour the sights they almost died of boredom. I won't see them again!

Then the burbs think they're sooo special because they claim one of the biggest malls on the east coast, King of Prussia Mall. Gimme a fukin break! When most of the area has to drive about 30 miles to find any decent clothing stores, I call that a disaster, not a triumph.

Biding my time...biding my time.


Cutesy stuff in the mall. Korea loves cutesy stuff. They use cartoon images everywhere. The police department even has a mascot cartoon dog.

The DMZ (De-militarized Zone):
Propaganda Village on the North Korean side. This is a fake village the North Koreans constructed to make the South Koreans think they are advanced and live in luxurious buildings. However, no one really lives in Propaganda Village.
The blue building in the center is where negotiations took place with the North Koreans. The DMZ line runs through the building, symbolically cutting it in half. The large building in the background is in North Korea. We were under North Korean survelliance the whole time. There are two South Korean soldiers in front of the blue building on the right. One is positioned oddly so that only half his body is exposed from the building. This is so he is not such an easy target for the North Korean soldiers.
This is me inside the center blue building. I am standing on the North Korean side, so technically I am in North Korea.
This is some good ol' Korean food. Some delicious grilled pork, an egg dish in the left bowl, and a type of kimchee on the right. Oh, and a shot of soju.
My husband standing in the street. Seoul is a very lively city at all times of the day.
Changing of the guard at Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.
Main building in Gyeongbok where the King conducted his meetings.
Another beautiful spot in Gyeongbok.

More pictures to come...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I know it's been F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but my husband and I just got back from visiting Korea last week and I've been playing catch up ever since. My severe jet lag hasn't helped. Anyways, this will be a lame ass post, because it's just a post to tell you to come by in a few days because I'll be posting some photos from my trip. Korea was FABULOUS and I think I gained five friggin pounds!!!!! All the damn pork, beef, and red bean snacks!

Monday, September 11, 2006

We'll never forget you...